1. Burek

Tip: The Sarajevans usually have their pita (burek, zeljanica, krompiruša, sirnica) withyoghurt. Order yours!

Recommended: Buregdžinica Dervoz, Pita Plus, Veranda.

2. Bosnian coffee

Tip: Have a tour through the Museum of Kuća sevdaha ( The House of Sevdah) and get to know better the history of the oldest traditional bosnian song.

Recommended: Bosanska kafana Behar, Kuća Sevdaha, Miris Dunja.

3. Ćevapi

Traditional dish of grilled minced veal/beef/lamb meat served in 5-10 pieces in a flatbread (somun) with chopped onions. It is usually eaten along with yoghurt, sometimes even with clotted cream (kajmak) inside the somun.

Tip: Ask for some “kajmak“ (traditional cream) in your portion and have your ćevapi with a special flavour!

Recommended: Hodžić, Petica Ferhatović, Zmaj.

How to find recommended locations?

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For those who want to explore more: check out the Gastro Alphabet section HERE.